Complete Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services

SOLUTIONS: Janitorial Supply is Our Specialty – we supply and install dispensers for hand towels, roll towels, toilet paper, soap, chemicals and anything you may need to keep your facility sparkling clean.

PRODUCTS: Roll towels, c-fold towels, all types of toilet paper, soap, bags, cleaning chemicals, floor wax, stripper, degreaser, glass/bathroom/neutral cleaner. We supply, install, and service dispensers for our products for life as long as you are a customer. We can integrate your facility to be touch free for all paper towel dispensers, soap and toilet paper to create a sanitary work environment. Your chemical usage can be drastically reduced by the use of wall mounted dispensing units/systems.

As a janitorial customer you will have access to information on how to use any of the products which you purchase from us. We can train your staff, cleaning crew, or custodial staff on how to achieve professional results in any area of maintenance.

Contact us for a personal free consultation to evaluate your current usage and discuss ways we can help you reduce cost – 631.650.5970

NV Maintenance Services New York, Connecticut & New Jersey - Vacuum Cleaner
NV Maintenance Services New York, Connecticut & New Jersey - White Office Space with Teal Accent Wall

Commercial Cleaning

Exterior commercial cleaning of foyers, lobbys and entry way is our specialty. That includes all the grime from acid rain and dirt from winter and everyday traffic. We have the team and the experience to provide professional results.

NV Maintenance Services New York, Connecticut & New Jersey - White Office Space with dividers and plants

Office Cleaning

We provide professional commercial cleaning of your facility: boardrooms, offices, kitchens, cafeterias, lobbys, hallways, storage areas, window shades, blinds and more. Your space will never looked as good after we’ve performed our work.